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Abstract Art: Together Through Worlds

Abstract Painting:

The prayer is the most beautiful and highly-blissful moment in one's life. Thousands wings of soul appear at the one who prays.

“The Healing Prayer” tells us that there are moments in our life when only a sincere prayer can help. Only such a prayer that comes directly from our heart. Not just a cry for help. But a Prayer that combines our immense hope, faith and love for our Creator.

This feeling had been increased over time by pain that also wasn't in vain – it (revived soul) and cleansed our heart, made it softer and more compassionate. Such a powerful prayer coming from deep inside is so essential … Always. And especially at a time when nothing can help. Then, Wing of Faith and Prayer touches the Sky. And then God decides.!

oil on canvas
Size (cm/inch) 35 x 50 / 13.5 x 20



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