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Abstract Art: Together Through Worlds

Abstract Painting:

The painting “The Valley of amazement” immerses us into the ocean of Divine Love and dissolves this person in its immense light. This painting is about those souls who are absorbed in amazement before the Magnificent Beauty of our Creator.

Certain paintings can capture our hearts. From afar this picture already engross but when seen from up close, its inspirational ligh-beams enters our conscience and we feel like.. being dissolved in this power stream of this Divine feeling! Beautiful flowers on its left corner and the illuminated sparkles of this Divine tonnel towards Truth. One feels like... being IN this picture... moving higher and higher.... closer and closer to the Divine Absolute!

Streams of amazement pick up the souls entering the Valley of Amazement. These souls are carried at breakneck speed on an infinite, multi-coloured whirling tunnel where every new vision of Divine miracles is revealed before them. Endless myriads of magic secrets by the shining stream flows into these souls, astonishing them and knocking them down.

Flowers-souls try grasping anything in the hope of feeling themselves, if only for an instant, to be on firm ground. But the storm of amazement before the All-Embracing Powerful Mercy of God is so strong, that its power is such that it clears all souls from their ancestral resting place.

oil on canvas
Size (cm/inch) 35 x 50 / 13.5 x 20
Type: Digital, print.
Max.size 110cm x 86cm.


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